Giving a Hoot for education

This summer, we have been proudly sponsoring Skool’s Owt as part of the spectacular Big Hoot Art Trail 2022. A fun, family-friendly trail of discovery for everyone to enjoy, this trail follows the success of previous art trails and features 50 individually designed Big Hoot plus Little Hoot owls. The magnificent sculptures have been placed around Ipswich by St Elizabeth Hospice, in a bid to raise funds for the vital care and support the Hospice provides to those living with life-limiting or progressive illness.

Each owl is sponsored by a local business and Kingsfleet naturally chose Skool’s Owt because it represents education; a cause which has always been of great importance to us, as Managing Director Colin Low explains:

“We have always had an objective of serving our local community and charitable causes, so it is a great pleasure to be taking part in the Big Hoot as part of our support for the great work of St Elizabeth Hospice. Since our inception 12 years ago, we have sought to deliver a social benefit as well as a profitable client-focused business. We do this by supporting educational causes in Suffolk (through our trust fund) as well as taking every possible opportunity to provide financial education through the mainstream media.  That’s why we were looking for an Owl with an educational theme!”

The Hoot’s location, near the fountain in Christchurch Park, is also particularly relevant as Colin has always found the establishment of drinking fountains in our towns and cities particularly fascinating. He says:

“They are a testament to the philanthropic nature of business entrepreneurs from years gone by who wanted to provide for those who had no safe water supply. We believe it is time for businesses to have the same focus on community and philanthropy as our forbears did all those years ago. ”

The Big and Little Hoots have been attracting thousands of local families, residents and visitors to Ipswich, which are on display until September for all to enjoy. Not only is it fun finding the sculptures, but there are also rewards to be unlocked from each sponsor. To find out more about the Big Hoot and in particular Skool’s Owt, in his cool blue blazer, please visit

Big Hoot 2022

Photography: Simply C Photography

The Big Hoot Art Trail

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